Mountain Lake

If you didn’t know, we were away in lovely Virginia this past weekend. We stayed at a little place called Mountain Lake. It is a gorgeous lake setting…when the lake is there. It is a little empty right now due to some odd natural causes. If it looks slightly familiar, it’s also where they filmed part of Dirty Dancing. It is not nearly as mid-century resort glam as Kellerman’s, but how could it be? Being the Dirty Dancing geek that I am, I enjoyed every moment. I think we all enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time just hanging out and exploring the area. Although, we did have enough time to imagine a Mountain Lake family reunion for the Ohio State / Virginia Tech game in September 2015. Oh yes, we will be back!

Most importantly, we were there celebrating one momentous occasion! Uncle Charlie graduated from Virginia Tech. Congrats Graduate, and best wishes!

Last, but not least, you will notice David and Estelle snagged 5 tadpoles from a sad looking puddle at the lake bed. David calls them the Mountain Lakers, since there are 5, and that is how many on a basketball team…or so I am told. They are cute little buggers, and growing everyday, but what will we do when they are bonafide toads/frogs? We will most definitely set them free in a pond, but it will be a great science lesson for the toddler to watch them grow until then.














One Response to Mountain Lake

  1. Peter says:

    Now that Nat is (mostly) settled in to his house, you all need to come back and visit! And the best part? Estelle can play pool on Nat’s pool table!

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