Our Wedding 5.4.2007 Cape Charles, VA

In addition to being the Best Woman (or Matron-of-Honor) in Kristen & Rocky’s March 2012 wedding, I am also their very unofficial wedding planner.  All this wedding business and research has me remembering our special day almost 4 and 1/2 years ago! I will be making a couple posts in the coming days to document what went down. Why? It was a spectacular weekend, and I look at our blog way more often than our unfinished wedding photo album. Besides, maybe someone will find it lovely and inspiring…

First up, lots of photos! I will include a list of vendors and such at the end of this post.

We went the nontraditional, time-saver route and did some of our posed photos before the ceremony. Most of the pre-wedding photos were on the beaches of Cape Charles, VA on the Chesapeake Bay:

The ceremony took place at the end of this very long pier at Bay Creek Marina. The sun came out just for us, but otherwise it was a brisk May day.

 Pocket shot! Is it obvious I love dresses with pockets?

Reedo sang our procession, “Hard to Concetrate” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

After the ceremony, we went up to our suite to relax, toast, and give the guests some time to meander to the reception. We also dashed outside just before sunset to get some of the best photos of the day. Bay Creek has even used some of our sunset wedding photos for their advertising, our 0.5 seconds of fame!
It’s party time!
The details, minus prices (because it was almost 5 years ago, and I don’t have a great memory):
Friday May 4, 2007 at Bay Creek Resort in Cape Charles, VA
Photography by Echard Wheeler
Bridal and Maid of Honor Hair by Salon Je T’aime in Norfolk, VA
Bridal headpiece, faux stephanotis blossoms with faux pearls glued in the center (DIY by my mom)
Wedding dress, custom design by Lele Tran, about $800
Maid of Honor dress, J.Crew
Groom and Best Men suits by Ben Sherman, purchased at a Philadelphia store that is no longer in business
Bouquets and boutonnieres by Norfolk Wholesale Florist, table arrangements by my mom
Cupcakes and cutting cake by the pastry chef at Aqua (they look simple, but were some of the best I’ve ever tasted)
Invitations, DIY (more on those in another post)

4 Responses to Our Wedding 5.4.2007 Cape Charles, VA

  1. Marggy says:

    Stephanie, what an outstanding blog posting. So fun to relive your beautiful wedding.

  2. Bunny Brown says:

    It was a wonderful time! Fun to look back! Kristen is fortunate to have you in charge!

  3. Shannon says:

    Tim and I were recently driving on a road in upstate NY that reminded us of the drive to your wedding (I know, seems weird). We were sharing memories of what a wonderful and fun time that was and the added fun of the 2 house Derby party! Great to see some pictures again!

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