I Like to DANCE

I suppose that true “dancing” will need to wait until Estelle can stand on her own, but this will have to do for the time being!


4 Responses to I Like to DANCE

  1. We love this baby!!!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful morning. Hope to see you soon and keep up this amazing blog

  2. nana tess says:

    Estelle is smart and has rythmn…the best of both worlds! Books or dancing, that is the question. Thanks for putting yet another smile on my face :o)

  3. nana tess says:

    P.S., David…it’s time for a new random Haiku thought. Spring (season) is just around the corner, and the snow has finally melted. I hear there are buds on your hydrangeas…can the Phillies opening day be far away???

  4. Bunny says:

    what a great baby! i love to tune in and see the latest moves!

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