Massachusetts, Vermont, weddings…oh my!

After a whirlwind weekend of New England wedding celebrations, we don’t have much photographic proof to show for it.  Our camera was unusually absent, so we are relying on family to fill in the blanks.  Send us your best shots, and we’ll add some of them to the post.  Congrats to the newlyweds, we wish you all the best!

090925_wedding-6The Pereira/Feaster clan at Tara and Joey’s wedding 9.25.2009.

090925_wedding-5Pereira Family

estellecoffee092509Uncle Mario lets Estelle play with breakables.  She loves her coffee.



2 Responses to Massachusetts, Vermont, weddings…oh my!

  1. Bunny says:

    everyone looks so beautiful and handsome. Nana Tes and Papa Joe look wonderful and the girls- yes you especially Estelle look gorgeous and of course, Dave, handsome as ever. I miss all of you so much

  2. Aunty Debbie says:

    Its was so great seeing you all, especially meeting lil’ Estelle. What a happy little girl.

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