Short Story 001 – Under Stella’s Umbrella

No photos or video today, just straight up old fashioned blogging with a short story (can you call blogging “old fashioned” yet?). Anyway, hopefully this is the first in a line of many:

It was a rainy August morning, one day shy of Estelle’s 1/3-of-a-year birthday. David had just donned his pair of bags – one for himself, the other packed with the little one’s daily repertoire of daycare required goods. After scooping up Little E, tossing the yellow burp rag on his shoulder in an effort to avoid yet another half-digested milk on the shirt incident, he kissed the misses goodbye and headed for the door.

Steps shy of the threshold, he remembered Stephanie’s comment of 20 seconds earlier – rain was in the commuters’ forecast on this fine morning. Accordingly, he snagged his umbrella that had been hanging from the front door’s squeaky knob as it dried overnight. The umbrella had been getting its share of use this week, as the evening prior David had scurried home in a storm, arriving just in time to see Mr. Pedro Martinez throw his first pitch in his Phillies’ red socks.

Out the door and off the stoop, avoiding the tripping hazard of a bag full of dirty cloth diapers awaiting their Thursday pick-up, and “on the road” by 8 o’clock. The father/daughter duo took the first few blocks of the walk as usual, baby riding in the right arm while turning her head wildly back and forth taking in the neighborhood’s typical morning sights, sounds and smells – a few birds, the bus pulling away from an intersection, the elderly woman on her stoop smiling as she squeals “pretty baby, pretty baby” in her raspy voice, the middle-aged pony-tailed man sitting on his stoop smoking his morning joint, and, at least today, raindrops bouncing on the umbrella over head.

Now Estelle had also recently taken a liking to using her flailing hands to latch on and grab things. The coordination was not all there, as she’d not yet learned to put her hands to productive uses for herself, but she was especially grabby this summer morning. She was clutching dad’s clothes, the straps of the bags, her face, dad’s face.

By the time this dynamic duo reached Passyunk & Tasker, about a block shy of their final destination, the orchestration of this commuting ballet was beginning to falter. The thirteen pounder was getting a bit heavy in dad’s right arm & adjustments were made difficult due to the umbrella in his left hand. To make matters worse, while definitely still not able to be classified as a downpour, the rain was now coming down a bit harder than when they had first embarked on this journey. And the cherry on top of all this was that the unthinkable was happening – the golden burp rag on dad’s shoulder was slipping off to the side. It seemed one small shift might send it down to a city puddle.

Standing at the intersection waiting for the light to change, David and Estelle found themselves literally at a crossroads.  Do they let the burp rag fall to a watery grave while keeping themselves dry under the umbrella? Or do they stand in the rain for a few seconds while dad shifts baby in the right arm so as to allow the right hand to take over umbrella control while saving said burp rag with his left hand?

It was at this moment that he realized that Estelle was doing something useful with those hands of hers – the kung fu grip of this 4-month old had latched on to the telescoping aluminum shaft of the umbrella. Standing there in the rain, acting quickly and throwing caution to the wind, he decided to go for it.

And just like that, there in the rain on this August morning, in a beautiful display of father/daughter role reversal, Estelle was single-handedly holding the umbrella.  She maintained that grip for a good two or three seconds, just enough time to keep everyone dry while allowing dad the opportunity to release his hold on the umbrella and swing his left hand over to save the burp rag. Just then the light turned green and the morning commuters set off to conclude their walk.

The End.  Signing off, hope you enjoyed this yarn and thanks for reading all 700 words!  DF


4 Responses to Short Story 001 – Under Stella’s Umbrella

  1. Grannie Annie says:

    A delightful “old fashioned” first blog Little E story – the images are dramatic, and OH- the suspense! Keep on writing…and maybe think about an umbrella stroller…….

  2. Bunny says:

    Nana Tess here…writing from Bunny’s computer! What a great yarn you have started to weave. Like Anne, and having walked down those very same streets, I could vividly imagine the events on your walk. Thanks for putting the smile on my face with your blog postings. :o)

  3. Aunty Debbie says:

    Entertaining and suspenseful…perhaps a new career in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Peter says:

    Great story and even better ending!

    (Seeing as a baby costs plenty of booty, i’m glad ye didn’t let the burp rag succumb to Davy Jones’ locker…although, have ye heard of a stroller, me fine mates?)

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