Hokie Headed Our Way

I think this might be the first non-munchkin related post on here since April 14th, but just in case you had not heard, the guy on the left has followed us on the Blacksburg to Philadelphia trail.  Estelle, Lola and I like the move for our Eagles (Stephanie’s indifferent), but Lola did point out that it will be interesting to see if any friction arises with our favorite baseball player and the SPCA charity that Mr. & Mrs. Utley are such big supporters of…



2 Responses to Hokie Headed Our Way

  1. southfeasterdelphia says:

    Kittens! I’m not indifferent, I like the move too. Dog fighting aside, Michael Vick holds a special place in my heart…that 1999 VT football season was great fun!
    – Stephanie

  2. Kristen says:

    Boring – bring the pictures back of Estelle!

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