Backyard Photoshoot

A beautiful weekend comes to a close with the backyard project having come to completion & David thinking that was cause to celebrate (or at least to have a photoshoot):







Quick backstory on the last one (baby with tongue out in the tree) — Nana Tess found & gave us a red japanese maple as an anniversary gift, the species being most appropriate: acer palmatum dissectum Stella Rossa.  Lastly, Joe, note the computer in the third image down — these technologically savvy folks are ‘blogging from the backyard’…


4 Responses to Backyard Photoshoot

  1. Nana Tess says:

    Great job on the “backyard”! It turned out very nicely…I’m glad to see you all out enjoying this great weather! You all look wonderful. Thank you so much for keeping everyone connected to your lives. It’s ALMOST as good as being there…without the air mattress :o) LOve and miss you all….have a great week! Tess

  2. Kristen says:

    The back yard looks great…as does the new little family!

  3. Grannie Annie says:

    Beautiful family, Beautiful Backyard! Everyone looks great- Thank you both so much for being techno-savvy and sharing your lives with us!xoxox

  4. Dale says:

    Love all of you and these pictures are just great! of all of you. Wonderfully beautiful!
    Hope the kitty is adjusting!
    hugs all around

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